John Lee, the author of Saul Saul Paul Paul wrote this musical a year before the year of St. Paul.  John states that “when I wrote the first musical Call of Guadalupe, which became a well-known and popular success, I aimed it at the masses, especially at parents reminding them that life is primary and precious and that on no account should any unborn child be aborted in the mother's womb.


With this my second musical Saul Saul Paul Paul, I wish to appeal with equal urgency to the individual man woman or youth in society to fathom the meaning and purpose of his or her own life.


To help those with faith to growth in awareness of

bringing darkness into the light,

to turn from lies to the truth,

to convert oneself and to discover the Living God.


Come and experience this musical and allow yourself to be lifted up to a higher plane of self-awareness and life with a positive purpose!”



The story begins with a contemporary, exciting dynamic scene of actors who symbolize the historical characters of the past like Paul, Timothy and Lydia. They express their search for truth creatively through drama, movement, and song about the dilemma they feel in life. Then suddenly they experience a dramatic flashback in time and find themselves back in the past to the life story of Saul to Paul. The life-story of Saul who became Paul, the Roman Pharisee who terrorised the Christians of his time, yet soon after being thrown down from his high-horse by God's Voice in the blazing desert.  After  his Conversion, Paul becomes their fierce champion, as the musical unfolds we see the new Paul as leader, who shows courage, faith and the messenger of truth, and an example to his followers.