John Lee

“The best musical I have ever written. Why? Because it is inspired by Jesus and Mary and actually written by them through my hands. The show is a multi-splendoured thing vibrating in colour, song dance and action and best of all, it says LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST no matter what the circumstances and just TRUST IN GOD!”

• John Lee Joo For, playwright and director, was for fifteen years a lecturer in art and drama in a Catholic Teacher-training College in Melbourne. He has written over twenty plays for the stage, radio and television in cities as varied as New York, London, Malaysia and Singapore. He is determined to bring the Call of Guadalupe musical around the world.



Peter forster

“Call of Guadalupe is an absolute phenomenon. John Lee, the author and I have discussed countless of times, our total conviction that Jesus and Mary have guided and inspired us all the way. There can be no answer but from God. The more we live and work with Call of Guadalupe, the Catholic Musical, the more we realise how far reaching the possibilities are. Not just evangelising, community building and faith confirming… even healing for the people who have generously given time and gifts. We are a happy family within a blessed musical.”

• Peter Foster, an inspiring music leader in the Catholic charismatic renewal has composed many stirring and scintillating songs, both spiritual and popular. He is also well-known and active in the art world. The splendid audio visual projections used on the set were painted by him.

Geraldine Lee

​“Call of Guadalupe I believe is a work of God, who always comes through with pro-service, love and generosity in all of us. The intercession of Our Lady Mary is very powerful. Her maternal caring and nurturing comes through each time. There is such a great synergy of talents it is awesome – the friendship, service, the love, the sacrifice, volunteering with others committed to faith even when at first we cannot make sense of things then we see once again to make a legendary masterpiece of God’s tapestry. What healing and love! I am blessed to be a part of it.”

• Geraldine a social worker, youth minister, nurse and midwife is always busy and giving, encouraged by the love of Jesus. She is John Lee’s daughter.


Patrick jee

“As this is our eight production of this musical, it is with great pleasure and unbridled pride that I welcome you to our show. The dedication and love expressed within the whole COG community, as we prepare for the production, bears witness to the small but important role we all play in carrying this beautiful message of Love, hope and the sanctity of live. We have all been blessed by our Lord in this compelling journey, often fraught with angst and uncertainty. As always, we are carried through all this by Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary and we hope that this production will continue to captivate and inspire us all and we look forward to many joining us on our journey. Enjoy the show!""


• Patrick was trained as an architect with many talents, an able producer, stage manager and inventive prop maker.



“The Call of Guadalupe has given my family a wonderful opportunity to promote the sanctity of life. This is so important in a time where the smallest human life is being treated as a commodity which can be created and destroyed without a second thought. The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the conversion of Mexico in such a short time after centuries of idolatry and human sacrifice should give us hope that God is in control and can penetrate the heart of man, even in the darkest of times.”


• Brendan works for IBM and fathers a wonderful family of six children with his wife Ann-Maree. Many of his children are in the show (Elizabeth Kiely plays Our Lady of Guadalupe in some of the shows).