The CAll of Guadalupe

The Call of Guadalupe staged previous productions which were big successes as they houseful for all the three shows. For more details about the musical and where we are putting on the next show, please wait for the date to be announced. see below for details on the new show and upcoming rehearsals.

rehearsals + workshops

Drama Workshops

  • Saturdays (Dates TBA)

  • Burke Road, Glen Iris

  • free, for all ages and abilities

  • learn how to act, write,and sing


  • Principles

  • Chorus

Contact Florence D'Costa 0433851662 or Geraldine 0413398528

We're looking for people at any level, ability and age interested in acting, singing, or dancing. Or, be involved in the musical backstage such as building props, moving props, lighting, sound backstage, catering, marketing, administration. There is a role for everyone. Make new friends, build new skills, be part of something bigger than yourself, serve God.


GOOD NEWS! Its time for yet another production of our annual musical. This year, we have gone with 'COMPANY OF HEARTS- BY PETER J FOSTERS'; which is a beautifully written moral fairytale . Come along and audition or just to be a part of our fun theatre production team which ever way you can, all are welcome.

Rehearsals and audition timings.

Rehearsals will be held ever Wednesday and Thursday pm and Saturday afternoon (TBD).

where: TBC

if you have further questions on the details surrounding the musical do not hesitate to contact the team at

or call us at 0413398528