The CAll of Guadalupe

The Call of Guadalupe staged this year was a big success as they houseful for all the three shows. For more details about the musical and where we are putting on the next show, please wait for the date to be announced.

rehearsals + workshops

Drama Workshops

  • Saturdays (Dates TBA)

  • Burke Road, Glen Iris

  • times may change so you must contact an

       organiser if attending

  • free, for all ages and abilities

  • learn how to act, write,and sing

  • under 16s at 11:30am

  • adults at 1:30pm


  • Principles

  • Chorus

Contact Florence D'Costa 0433851662 or Geraldine 0413398528

We're looking for people at any level and ability interested in acting, singing, or dancing. Or, be involved in the musical backstage such as building props, moving props, lighting, sound backstage, catering, marketing, administration. There is a role for everyone. Make new friends, build new skills, be part of something bigger than yourself, serve God.