The CAll of Guadalupe


The Call of Guadalupe staged previous productions which were big successes as they houseful for all the three shows. For more details about the musical and where we are putting on the next show, please wait for the date to be announced. see below for details on the new show and upcoming rehearsals.

rehearsals + workshops

New Exciting Drama Course:

"The confident skilled actor."

  • Saturdays (4th of July to 22nd of August 2020)

  • 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

  • Online Zoom Meeting

  • For all ages and abilities

  • Learn how to act, write,and sing


It's a great short course for beginners and intermediate alike. Gain knowledge in different drama acting styles. Explore skills and build confidence through expression and practice. A lot of our students have excelled in their skills and are now full time professional performers. Acquire a Certificate from Cog theatre group at the completion of the course.

Classes will be run by Douglas Lee and Geraldine Lee. Geraldine Lee has trained actors and actresses for 20 years. She has also directed and staged several shows for over 15 years.


Week 1: An Actor Prepares
Introduction to different styles of acting & course overview. New techniques in building confidence. Vocal training and facial expression skills.

Week 2:Movement in acting
Laban Method of Acting: Extending body movement vocabulary

Week 3:Simplicity of acting
Grotowski Theatre of the Poor: Using freedom if body movements to express character

Week 4:Preparation before performance
Stanislavski Acting Method: Realism at its best in acting

Week 5: Perfect Posture in acting
The Animal Method: Making your acting come alive

Week 6:Express your new found creativity
Surrealistic acting: Unreal drama

Week 7:Importance of Briefing & Debriefing in acting
Psychodrama acting: freedom & confidence through drama

Week 8 Integrating all the methods of acting to workout the best method of acting for you


Fees: $10 per class/person (walk in rate)
$7 per class/person (concession)

One time payment for 8 classes
$50 upfront payment (ea class ~$6)
$45 upfront payment (concession ea class ~ $5)

all should have the opportunity who want to come thus financial hardship please contact

For first timers the first class is free

Booking details

If you are interested in asking questions about course please call 0413398518 or