Georga Byrne

Gerorga Byrne   is a performer/singer/songwriter currently performing in a range of different shows, while writing both her own solo album/ with her band Soul Chic!. She is an incredibly versatile performer with two decades of professional experience on stage, screen and in the studio. Whether it be for television, corporate entertainment or touring shows, Georga’s work is lauded wherever she goes. Her career as an entertainer began at age 12.

David Lemewu

David Lemewu is a Catholic priest from the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL) and a covenant member of the Disciples of Jesus Community (DOJ).David was a regular cantor and musician at St Augustine and St Francis Church in Melbourne (1999-2004). He undertook the leading role in the musical Call of Guadalupe (2005-8), Saul Saul Paul Paul (2008-9), and Amazing Augustine (2015 in which he co-wrote the songs). 

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Chris Eaton

 Fr Chris Eaton is a Missionaries of God's Love priest. He is currently the novice master in the MGL formation house in Canberra. Known as the 'Rapping Priest'. He is planning to release his first Album by the end of the year, called: 'Silence - enough with the noise'